Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Starlight Manicure

I am a little bit obsessed with nail polish. I have been collecting nail polish since I was about 12. I love all the creative ideas out there today, in particular the mix and match nails looks.

For this look I used Loreal Stroke of Midnight as the solid colour and Essie Ignite the Night as the glitter polish.

1. I put 3 thin coats of Stroke of Midnight on the solid nails and 1 thin coat as a base for the nails that were going to have the glitter polish on them.

2. Then for the glitter nails I put 2 coats of Ignite the Night over top.

3. To finish off I put a coat of Revlon clear nail polish in Natural over all each nail.  I find that it makes my nails look really shiny and it does not chip off as fast as some other top coat nail polishes.  Using the clear nail polish allows you to put a very thin layer evenly all over each nail.

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